With the days in Apple Springs, Texas, warming up, it’s time for your heating system to take its annual summer break. Now is the perfect time to inspect your heater and ensure it’s prepared for the upcoming summer. Here are a few tips that can help.

Replace the Filter

The first thing you should do when prepping your heating system for spring is to replace the filter. Most heating system filters should be changed every three to four months. Inspect the filter now for any changes in color or buildup. If it looks dark or has accumulated a lot of dust and debris, change it more often. Replacing the filter now before the heater’s summer break ensures it’s ready to go next winter.

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance

Scheduling your annual HVAC service between seasons is a smart option. Not only does having your maintenance done now allow your heater to be professionally prepped for summer, but it also ensures your AC is in prime condition to handle the upcoming Texas heat. An HVAC technician can also spot any repair issues, giving you extra time to have them taken care of before next winter.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

When a forced-air heating system works overtime in winter, it can draw a large amount of dust into the ductwork. Since your AC uses these same vents, it’s a good idea to have your ductwork checked and if needed, cleaned as you prepare your heater for its summer break. Scheduling a duct cleaning before switching to AC full-time ensures your entire system is ready to handle the airflow. You’ll also enjoy superior quality air all summer long.

Take Care of Spring Cleaning Tasks

While certain HVAC tasks are best left to the professionals, you’re still responsible for cleaning around your furnace and vents. Make sure a good spring cleaning is at the top of your list when switching over to AC.

For expert help on prepping your heater for summer, call McWilliams & Son at 877-936-1974. We’ll be happy to help!

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