5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency and Save on Cooling

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energy efficiency

energy efficiency

5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency and Save on Cooling. As the season turns, the weather warms up, and it gets harder and harder to beat the heat unless you turn to your cooling system for help. But how do you keep the house cool without jacking up your power bill? Fortunately, with these tips you can both improve energy efficiency and save on cooling.

  • Inspect and change your air filter regularly. During the hottest part of the summer, that’s as often as monthly, though during milder weather it can be as little as every three months. A dirty air filter will make your A/C work harder to achieve the same or a lesser result, wasting energy and stressing parts.
  • Schedule a tuneup for your cooling system once each year. While you should take some do-it-yourself maintenance steps yourself, professional maintenance is needed to make sure your A/C is operating optimally.
  • Install a programmable thermostat in your home. It saves you the trouble of constantly adjusting the thermostat to save energy (or more often, forgetting to adjust it at all). You can program the thermostat to raise the temperature when you’re not at home or sleeping, and then return to your comfort level before you arrive home or awaken.
  • Seal the ducts in your cooling system. Duct leaks, which are common in homes older than 10 years, can allow 20 percent of the conditioned air to escape. While you can seal accessible ducts with mastic sealant or metal-backed tape, you’ll need a professional to repair ducts in inaccessible parts of your home.
  • If necessary, bite the bullet and replace your aging, inefficient A/C with a more energy-efficient model. The money you spend can be recouped with energy savings over time.

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