6 Signs You Should Consider a Programmable Thermostat

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programmable thermostatKeeping your home at a specific temperature is the job of your thermostat. However, setting that temperature is yours. With a manual thermostat, you have to remember to adjust the temperature up and down depending on the time of day and whether people will be home or not. Programmable thermostats take the need to remember out of the equation.

Read the Signs

Here are six signs you should consider a programmable thermostat:

  1. You keep forgetting to adjust the temperature when you leave for the day. If there’s no one home during the day, then there’s no reason for the heating or cooling system to work that hard.
  2. You forget to adjust the temperature when you go to bed. If your family is in bed, there’s no reason to keep temperatures the same as when you’re up and moving around.
  3. Your energy bills in the summer are too high. Most people like a cool house during the summer. However, if no one’s home to enjoy the cool, you’re wasting energy.
  4. Your energy bills in the winter are too high. A warm house on those chilly winter evenings is nice. But if you’re not home to enjoy the warmth, it’s money and energy down the drain.
  5. Someone keeps changing the thermostat to get comfortable. In the summer, if someone’s too hot, they may lower the A/C several degrees. In winter, a chilly occupant may crank the heat up. In both cases, energy is wasted, plus you’ll be making the home uncomfortable for everyone else.
  6. You just don’t want the hassle of a manual thermostat. Who wants to remember to adjust the thermostat several times a day?

Each of these scenarios is easily solved with a programmable thermostat. You will find a ton of thermostat options on the market to suit your needs.

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