Are Air Conditioning Tune-ups Necessary?

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The hot and humid temperatures of East Texas strain air conditioners and invite dust, pollen, debris and other air pollutants. If you want your air conditioner running clean and your electric bill low, then it’s necessary to have an air conditioning tune-up at least twice a year. The extra money you save on lower electric bills and longer AC life more than covers the cost of servicing the unit.


One of the benefits of regularly servicing your air conditioning system is basic cleanliness. You, of course, should change your filter on schedule. However, it’s also important to clean coils, ducts and vents. Without cleaning, frozen coils damage the AC unit. Likewise, a regular air conditioning tune-up rids your system of dust, dirt, spiders, mites, pollen, mold and other debris. You enjoy fresh clean air blowing into your home.

Lower Electric Bills

Another major benefit is the money you save on your electricity cost. If the airflow is impeded or refrigerant leaks, your electric bill increases. Because the change is so gradual, you’re not likely to notice it from month to month. Once you finally service your AC unit, however, you’ll see a sudden drop in your electric bill. By keeping your air conditioning system tuned up, you prevent those gradual increases in your electricity costs.


When you service air conditioners and furnaces regularly, you maintain the safety of your home. We train our technicians to examine electrical wiring, flues, vents, chimneys and compressors. Dangers, such as electrical fires, Freon leaks, mold and carbon monoxide poisoning, can be prevented through regular inspection and servicing. Air conditioning tune-ups protect your home and your health.

Longer AC Life

If you want to extend the life of your air conditioner, then regular service is a must. Coils, especially, can suffer a loss of performance when dirty. Air conditioners pull humidity out of the air as they cool, and the humidity of East Texas forces air conditioners to work harder. If coils are dirty, then they build up ice and freeze. By avoiding damage to your AC unit, you extend the life and get more from your investment.

Here is a list of the benefits of regular air conditioning tune-ups:

  • Keep Filters Clean and Your Air Breathable
  • Lower Your Electricity Cost
  • Extend and Prolong the Life of Your AC
  • Operate at Maximum Efficiency
  • Prevent Conditioned Air from Leaking Outside and Becoming Wasted
  • Avoid Freezing up the Air Conditioning Coils
  • Avoid Build Up of Pollen, Dust and Micro-Debris
  • Detect Refrigerant Leaks Early
  • Secure Exposed or Fraying Wires
  • Repair Clogged or Bent Fins

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