Best WiFi Thermostats for iPhone and Android

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With smartphones becoming more and more common, there are now home thermostat models that can be accessed from any location with a wireless connection. As you can imagine, this allows homeowners greater control and convenience when it comes to heating and cooling their homes. Here are a few features that the best WiFi thermostats for iPhone and Android smartphones offer:

  • Programmable from a distance – Any good wireless thermostat should also have the same features as a wired programmable thermostat, allowing you to set your system to run at certain times and condition your home in anticipation of your arrival. The great convenience of a programmable thermostat with wireless capabilities is that you can set your thermostat to switch on in anticipation of your regular arrival home but use your smartphone to interrupt that schedule if you stay late to work or simply have a night out.
  • Compatibility – You don’t want to replace your entire HVAC system to accommodate a wireless thermostat and you shouldn’t have to, regardless of how convenient it is. Most wireless thermostats accessible from a smartphone are compatible with your existing air conditioner or heat pump. Always check with the manufacturer or your HVAC expert to be certain.
  • Full control and monitoring – The best WiFi thermostats for iPhone and Android smartphones will offer much more than simply turning the system on and off. Besides remote access through both your smartphone and any Internet-connected device, these thermostats often offer zoning control, as well as management of airflow and humidity. Many wireless thermostats will also send reminders when it’s time to replace your air filter and provide detailed information on energy usage.

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