Your climate control system works hard to keep your Lufkin, Texas, home comfortable year round. However, almost every homeowner will experience some sort of issue with their unit at least once. Knowing the difference between a quick fix and when you need to consider replacement can help save you some frustration. Here’s a quick guide to help you know whether it’s time to fix or replace.


Every year, newer and better HVAC systems are released with top-of-the-line technology and incredible efficiency levels. The age of your system will affect its ability to perform and even if you had the best unit available installed, many don’t last over 15 years. If you’re moving into a new home, be sure to ask how long the current climate control unit has been installed. You can, of course, choose to keep repairing it, but it may end up being cheaper to get a new unit than solve many of the issues plaguing older units.


If you’ve noticed that your unit’s efficiency is not what it once was, it may be time to replace it. This is especially true if you’ve taken steps to improve your efficiency and you still aren’t seeing any improvements. Newer units will have improved efficiency levels, especially if paired with smart technology. Units with chronic efficiency issues often have mechanical problems that may cost too much to fix in comparison to just getting a new unit.


A good sign that you need to replace your HVAC unit is that it just can’t keep up with your home’s demands. Whether that’s due to poor sizing, overall age, or component wear and tear, sometimes a unit is consistently unable to reach a selected temperature or struggles to keep the temperature constant. Take such cases as a major indicator that it’s time to look for a new unit.

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