Fall Home Maintenance Tasks Can Help You Maintain Comfort and Savings

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Fall Seasonal House

Fall Seasonal House

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks Can Help You Maintain Comfort and Savings. With summer behind us and the glorious months of fall ahead, it’s important that you pay attention to certain fall home maintenance tasks to ensure a comfortable home and lower energy bills. Here are several that we suggest:

  • Get a tune-up – In order to keep the furnace running at an efficient level, hire a professional to tune up the system. This will also prolong its longevity.
  • Replace the air filter – Your furnace’s air filter should be replaced every month or so, as it gets dirty. If you leave it for too long, furnace performance will suffer.
  • Improve airflow – Areas such as the stove hood, dryer vent, room fans, and cold-air returns are notorious for accumulating dust, which impedes the furnace’s ability to distribute conditioned air and harms indoor air quality. Wipe down these areas on a regular basis to prevent this.
  • Check above – Now’s the perfect time to clear the gutters and downspouts of fallen leaves and other debris. While you’re up there, also check for any damaged shingles or broken bricks around the chimney.
  • Check below – Remove any standing water from the crawl space under your home to stop the development of mold. And if any critters are living down there, evict them.
  • Paint the interior of your home – If you’ve been wanting to paint your house, this is a great time to do it since you can leave the door open while you work in order to air out the fumes.
  • Add insulation – If you don’t have proper insulation in exterior walls, attic and basement, the furnace will run longer than it should due to heat loss.
  • Try out the generator – You don’t want to have the power go out and then realize the generator isn’t working properly. We suggest that you test it at the start of the fall season to be safe.

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