Where Are the Most Ideal Places to Install Your Ductless Mini-Split Units?

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Where Are the Most Ideal Places to Install Your Ductless Mini-Split Units? For many homes in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, ductless mini-split systems offer the best of both worlds. They offer the performance of a centralized unit and the flexibility of a window unit, but these systems benefit best from optimal placement. The following are just a few ideal places for your ductless mini-split units to reside.

Tips for Positioning a Ductless Mini-Split

Any indoor unit installed in a room should be located where air can be distributed throughout the room equally. Wall-mounted indoor units should also be placed at least eight to 10 feet from the floor to avoid sending cool air to the ceiling.

Units installed in the bedroom should be placed directly above the bed or on the wall above your feet to ensure maximum comfort. Wall-mounted indoor units must be installed in a way that allows for easy access to the air filter and louvers.

For aesthetics’ sake, any indoor unit installed above a window should also share symmetry with said window.

What About Placement of the Outdoor Component?

Keep an open space available for the outdoor unit, preferably on a terrace or awning above the wall so the compressor and condenser receive unhindered airflow. Also, make sure there’s a clear path for exiting fan air to vent outdoors.

Make sure the location is easily accessible to HVAC technicians for quick and convenient service. All service fittings should be in plain view of the technician.

Make sure the installation surface is capable of resisting vibration. Excess vibration can cause pipes to break and components to fail over time.

Make sure the outdoor unit remains at a height slightly above the indoor unit. This spares the compressor from fighting gravity as it circulates the refrigerant.

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