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Warm and Cozy: 5 Hacks for a Lower Electric Bill in Winter

lower electric bill
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Even though Lufkin is known for its warm weather, the winter months still require you to rely on your furnace to stay cozy. The average lows of 36 degrees Fahrenheit in January can send your utility bills through the roof.  Changes to your habits and improvements to your home can result in a lower electric bill. They also reduce strain […]

These Are the 6 Places You Are Losing Heat in Your Home

losing heat
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The average American household's energy bill is between $500 and $1,500 during each winter month. It costs a lot to provide heat for your family on top of other things you'd like to purchase during that time. One way to minimize your utility bill is by finding out how to tell where your house is losing heat. An audit of […]

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last? A Basic Guide

how long do air conditioners last
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As a responsible homeowner, you know that your home will require regular upkeep to keep it in tip-top condition. And while you're used to yard work, cleaning, and other household maintenance, when was the last time you paid attention to your AC unit? For instance: do you know how old it is or the last time it was serviced? If […]

How to Check the Air Quality in Your Home

how to check the air quality in your home
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Did you know that the EPA considers low quality of indoor air to be one of the top five health risks in existence? It can lead to all sorts of health problems and also premature death. Breathing in dirty air is a major health risk, so it is important to know how to identify low air quality quickly so you […]

The Importance of AC Preventive Maintenance

AC preventive maintenance
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You have an office full of employees when you notice the building starts to heat up... Your AC has stopped working! It's the hottest day of the summer and the heatwave isn't expected to ease up anytime soon. Having faulty AC can get in the way of work and be an inconvenience if it happens in the home. So, how can […]

Repair or Replace: 4 Common Signs of a Broken AC Unit

broken ac unit
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The average life expectancy of an air conditioning (AC) unit in 15 to 20 years in America if they are regularly maintained.   But for most people "regular maintenance" is simply calling an HVAC company when something is wrong (which actually decreases your unit's lifespan to only 10 years).  If you're still on the "don't fix it if it ain't broke" maintenance […]

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