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Crockett City History

Brothers-in-law John Sheridan and Daniel McClellan were the first settlers in the area now known as Crockett. The men came to Crockett on the suggestion of Texas land colonizer Stephen Austin. Land grants were given to pioneers by the government of Mexico. In 1837, the 110 residents of the area petitioned the government of the Republic of Texas to form a county. Houston County was formed and Crockett was named its county seat. The town of Crockett was named for Davy Crockett, the famous explorer.

Demographics and Geography

The 2011 population of Crockett was 6,946 people. At 37.2 years, the median age of Crockett residents is three and one-half years younger than the statewide average. Household incomes, housing prices and rental costs are all quite low in Crockett. In 2009, the average Crockett household reported an income of $25,449. The statewide median household income is nearly twice as high at $48,259. The typical home value was $63,165 and the average rent was $540 a month that same year. According to the United States Census Bureau, Crockett has a land mass of 2,807 square miles.

Crockett Weather Patterns

The people in Crockett enjoy a mild winter and warm spring and fall seasons. The winter temperature ranges from the high 30s to the low 60s. By springtime, the average increases to the mid-50s for a low and the high 70s for a high temperature. Autumn temperatures are within a few degrees of this. Summer weather can be hot, humid and uncomfortable. The average daily high for all three months is in the low to mid 90s. Summer low temperatures are generally in the low 70s. August is the hottest month of the year here, while October sees the most rainfall.

Tourist Attractions, Shopping and Dining in Crockett

In 1854, the Monroe-Crook House was built in Crockett by Armistead Thompson Monroe. He was a great-nephew of President James Monroe. The younger Monroe and his family lived in the home until 1858. Two additional owners and their families lived there before the home was sold to the Crook family in 1911. They lived there until 1969 and were the last family to inhabit the home. A member of the Crook family willed the house to Houston County in 1963 and it was converted to a tourist attraction after her death in 1969.

Although Crockett has 119 stores and shops in town, there is not a major shopping mall. However, visitors and residents can buy clothes, medical products, artwork, automobile parts and just about anything else they need right in town. Restaurant choices in Crockett run the range from fast food to ethnic to fancy sit-down dinners.

McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning in Crockett, Texas

McWilliams & Son offers professional heating and cooling services to home and business owners in Crockett and the surrounding communities. Our highly skilled technicians provide new installation and routine repairs, preventative maintenance and home performance evaluations. We also offer a wide range of geothermal products for those who want to decrease their personal effect on the environment.

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