Heating and Air Conditioning Tips for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. In 2019, hurricanes did $45 billion worth of damage in the US.

Is your home prepared for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season?

When thinking about hurricane prep, don’t neglect your heating and air conditioning system. They are an important part of your home and we depend on the comfort they provide us throughout the year.

If your HVAC unit isn’t quite ready for storm season, read on to learn our top tips for preparing for hurricane season.

Secure and Cover Your HVAC Unit

If your region is in a tropical storm risk area, you’ll need to protect your air conditioning unit asap.

Use hurricane straps to safely secure the unit to the ground or cover it with a large tarp. In case of a storm, this will help prevent your expensive HVAC unit from being destroyed or damaged by heavy winds and rains.

If possible, you can also move your HVAC unit onto a raised platform. This can keep it safe from flooding or standing water.

Check for Loose Parts

One of our top air conditioning tips for hurricanes is to check for loose parts. In strong winds, anything that’s not strongly connected is likely to get blown away.

Loose debris in a storm can break windows, damage cars, or cause breakages to your own home or others. Prevent this by making sure all items outside your home, such as your air conditioning unit, are tightly locked down.

Book a Pre-Hurricane Service

Make sure you’re ready for hurricane season by booking a pre-season inspection of your air conditioning unit. condition before storms hit and can tighten or fix loose or damaged parts.

Your heater and air conditioner are a valuable part of your home which needs regular servicing anyway, so why not book it in before hurricane season? This way, a trained technician can make sure your system is in the best

The Atlantic hurricane forecast can change quickly, so try to get this done before the season begins—it runs from June to November most years.

A top tip: if a storm is on the way, you’re likely to lose power soon.

Cool your home by turning the air conditioning low in advance. That way, your home will stay cooler for longer once the power goes out, which can also help the contents of your fridge and freezer last for longer.

Invest in a Surge Protector

Summer can bring not only hurricanes but also intense thunder and lightning storms. If you’re concerned about lightning strikes, consider investing in a surge protector for your air conditioning unit.

Spikes in electric currents can also happen from downed power lines in hurricanes, making a surge protector a valuable investment for your home.

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With advance preparation, you and your home can weather the storm safely with the peace of mind that your air conditioning system will be safe.

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