Spring is here, and you know what that means: the sun is shining, but the weather is still chilly (especially in the morning and at night). Naturally, you don’t want to waste energy and run your central heating, but how can you stay cozy without it?

We’re here with a few ways to keep your home warm while you’re waiting for the hot summer months. Read on to learn how to keep the house warm this spring.

Let The Light Shine In

The arrival of spring also means the arrival of bright and sunny weather, even if it’s not quite warm enough to ditch your sweater yet. Take advantage of all of that natural light by opening your blinds and curtains and letting the sunshine in.

The sun is going to be one of your best resources this spring. It’s one of the best ways to keep the house warm without pulling out your space heater or turning on your standard heater.

You can try to spread the sun throughout your rooms by adding reflective surfaces.

Bonus: natural light is great for your mental health, and it will lower your energy bills. Who needs artificial lighting during the day when you have the power of the sun?

Look for Gaps in Doors and Windows

If your home is feeling chillier than normal, gaps might be the culprit. Look around your home for places that might be letting air in (normally around your doors and windows, but your chimney may also be a problem).

You can hire someone to fill the gaps, fill them yourself, or just layer window treatments for a short-term solution that should carry you through next winter. Getting rid of those gaps should keep your home warmer.

Use Rugs

If you have hardwood, tile, or laminate floors, you know how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning and put your feet on the ground. Those floors get chilly overnight!

You don’t have to install carpets to fix the problem. We recommend getting a few plush area rugs to add insulation and a soft and warm surface for your feet.

Area rugs are also great for improving the design of your rooms and dividing up your space.

Keep Using Your Oven

When summer finally comes around, you’ll be ready to eat fresh foods like salads. The idea of using your oven on a hot and balmy day won’t even cross your mind.

During spring, however, you should take advantage of the last few weeks of chilly weather and make all of your favorite oven-cooked dishes. You’ll warm up your kitchen in the process.

That’s How to Keep the House Warm This Spring

Keeping your house warm in the spring without having to resort to your heater is frustrating, but these tips should help. You’re not quite in air conditioner weather yet, but it’s on the horizon! You just have to figure out how to keep the house warm in the meantime.

Are you getting your home ready for summer in Nacogdoches or Center, TX? Have a professional help you with AC maintenance so your home will stay cool all season long. Call us to schedule AC service today.

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