Our pets are part of our family. Seeing a bundle of fur bound toward the door when you come home from a hard day instantly makes a person feel better and more at ease from the stresses of the day. As a homeowner, we know the importance of keeping our HVAC system well cared for. As pet owners, we often forget the damage our faithful companion’s fur and dander can do to our units.

If you want to keep their heating and air running efficiently even with your animals in the home, we have a few HVAC tips for pet owners in Nacogdoches, TX, and around the world. Read on to learn how your pets and your HVAC unit can co-exist.

Changing Your Filters

One of the most important steps in HVAC care for pet owners is to change your filters often. Yes, when staying on top of your unit’s preventative maintenance, air filters are an important part but when pets are involved, this routine needs to be increased.

When animal fur enters your HVAC, your filter will get dirtier. This means more changes.

Based on the type of filter you use, this could up your change schedule to monthly or bi-yearly. By doing this, you’ll notice a difference in the air quality inside your home and help your unit run better.

Groom Your Pets

Pet hair can find its way into strange places inside the home. One of the best ways to avoid this and make life with HVAC and pets easier is to keep your pet well-groomed. This brushing and combing will help lower your pet’s shedding and keep your home free of unwanted fur and dander.

Keep in mind, that if you groom your pet at home, it’s important that you remove all the loose hair from inside the house once you finish. If not properly disposed of, this hair can make its way into your system.

Duct and HVAC Cleaning

When it comes to HVAC cleaning and pet hair, there are multiple aspects you must tend to. Cleaning the unit itself can remove hair and build up dander, but you can’t forget about your ductwork.

Pets spend most of their time on the floor of your home. Each time they pass over a vent, they are losing small hairs. To keep these small hairs from clogging up your ductwork, reaching out to an HVAC professional in Nacogdoches, TX is your best solution.

Your Outdoor Unit

As a pet owner, you can keep your home vacuumed and cleaned well, but still, find that your pet has caused issues with your HVAC unit. This is especially true if you don’t protect your outside unit from its playful nature.

There are lots of wires and other parts inside your outdoor unit. If your pet isn’t well supervised, they may chew on or damage these pieces. To avoid having this happen, and needing to reach our for repairs, protecting your outdoor unit with a barrier is a smart move.

Pet Owners With an HVAC System

Being both a pet owner and HVAC user in Nacogdoches, TX doesn’t need to be difficult. By implementing these simple steps you can let your pets have a free run of their home and keep your system functioning properly.

If you’re a pet owner in search of a trusted HVAC team to help keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape, McWilliams & Son Heating and Air are here for you. If you’re in the Nacogdoches or Center, TX areas and need assistance keeping your unit protected from unwanted pet hair and dander, feel free to contact us today!

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