3 Tips for Summer Preparation. The summer season in Livingston, Texas, brings hot temperatures and high levels of humidity. Prepare for the hottest season by getting your home summer-ready with a few easy tips.

Check the Outdoor Cooling Unit

When your air conditioning system runs, it needs air to flow freely through the outdoor unit for proper cooling. Before the summer starts, take a closer look at that unit to make sure it’s free from obstruction. Plants can grow into the outdoor unit, reducing the flow of air and leading to poor efficiency. Keep plants around it trimmed, and vacuum the vents at the start of each season to get rid of any dirt and debris. Don’t let your kids park their bikes or other outdoor toys around the unit either.

Schedule a Tuneup

Regular tuneups can help extend the life of all components within your cooling system. Your technician can also look for damaged parts, signs of poor efficiency, and other issues during your regular maintenance check-up, and then come up with a plan to repair any problems. Make sure to schedule your tuneup before the summer hits, since HVAC companies tend to get busy during the warmer months.

Clean the Ducts

The ductwork in your home allows air to move from the cooling system through the vents in each room. When your ducts contain built-up dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants, the system has to work harder to produce enough cool air for the entire house. Without routine duct cleaning, you may notice that your energy bills rise every month. Dirty ducts can also contribute to poor air quality, causing allergic reactions and other health symptoms in your family.

All service on your heating and cooling system should always be handled by a skilled HVAC professional. If you’d like to schedule a tuneup or a duct cleaning for your home’s summertime cooling needs, call us at McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning at (936) 465-9191.

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