Are you frustrated by your HVAC system’s inability to keep your Garrison, Texas, home comfortably warm or cool? Your HVAC system could be improperly sized for your home. A load test can help you determine the appropriately sized HVAC system for your home when you need to replace your existing unit. Find out how the design, your home’s thermal enclosure, and the internal features of your home go into determining a load calculation.

Your Home’s Design

The size and style of your home’s design have much to do with the operating efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. External factors such as Texas humidity levels, elevation, and the directional orientation of your home are all contributing elements to heating and cooling loads.

Your Home’s Thermal Enclosure

The quality of your windows, the quality of your home’s insulation, and how much external shade your home receives affect your home’s thermal enclosure and its ability to maintain comfort throughout all seasons.

Your Home’s Internal Features

The number of people living in your home, the number of electronics used, the amount of lighting you have, and the location of your home’s ductwork are all internal features that affect your home’s cooling and heating loads. For example, if your HVAC system has ductwork passing through an uninsulated, warm attic, your HVAC will have different load requirements compared to one with ductwork passing through a well-insulated attic.

What Happens During a Load Test?

During a load test, one of our HVAC service professionals will conduct a walk-through of your home. Our technician will inspect items such as the quality of insulation in your home, the quality of your door and window openings, and how your home’s ductwork is arranged. We may conduct a blower-door test to determine where energy-leak openings exist.

We also use an industry standard, a Manual J calculation, to size your air conditioner correctly. This calculation takes into account several measurements to arrive at the correct amount of cooling needed for your home.

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