Preventive HVAC Maintenance: Think of It as an Investment in Savings

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preventive hvac maintenanceThe average HVAC system is capable of providing over a decade of reliable and efficient service, but only with the proper maintenance and upkeep. Instead of waiting for problems to befall your HVAC system, it’s much cheaper and more efficient to take a proactive approach when it comes to tackling maintenance issues.

How Proactive Maintenance Saves Money

Look at preventive HVAC maintenance the same way you look at maintenance for your own car. For instance, it needs an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Putting off that oil change could lead to a wide variety of expensive problems that are easily avoided through preventive maintenance.

Being proactive when it comes to HVAC maintenance gives you the opportunity to catch potential problems that would otherwise turn into major issues requiring expensive repairs. For example, changing an inexpensive air filter is much simpler and cheaper than spending $500 or more replacing a burned-out blower motor due to the restricted airflow caused by a dirty air filter.

Preventive Maintenance Also Means Better Efficiency

Preventive HVAC maintenance is also crucial for maintaining your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. After all, a poorly maintained system uses more energy and cost more to operate than a properly maintained one, which uses less energy and subsequently costs less to operate over a long-term basis.

The long-term savings offered through simple proactive maintenance adds up over time, especially for homes equipped with the latest Energy Star-labeled HVAC systems.

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