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Heater and Furnace Preventive Maintenance

Heating Maintenance

Keeping your family warm throughout the year is certainly no small matter, which is why we at McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning make heating maintenance one of our top priorities. A well-maintained furnace, boiler or heat pump is one that will keep running at maximum efficiency throughout the year. Furthermore, our maintenance professionals can catch and correct small issues before they become big ones, saving your family money on expensive repairs that could otherwise be needed down the road. In general, we recommend that heaters be serviced once every year to stay as efficient as possible. Our factory-trained and NATE-certified boiler, heat pump and furnace maintenance technicians know how to service all makes and models of heating equipment, and they bring that expertise to every service visit. We stock our vans with the best parts and equipment, and if we ever find ourselves shorthanded during a call, we have access to even more supplies through the Carrier network. Thanks to years of experience working on all sorts of heating equipment, we know how to spot the most common issues and fix them almost reflexively. Furnace maintenance problems, for instance, often have poor airflow at the root, so we clean and replace air filters as needed, clear out any blockages and make sure the blower system is operating properly. Rattles and other noise issues are often caused by loose components, so we routinely check and tighten everything as needed. Since problems with control equipment can lead to issues anywhere, we always check and calibrate the thermostat to keep the machine running properly. VIP Maintenance Chart

Let Our VIP Maintenance Club Keep Your System Operating Efficiently!

McWilliams & Son will help give you peace of mind that your home comfort system is running efficiently while helping to extend the life of your system and reduce your utility bills. Our VIP Maintenance Club takes the guesswork out of remembering to maintain your heating and cooling system regularly. Signing up for our VIP Club is quick and easy! Please complete the form fill below and a member of the McWilliams & Son team will contact you shortly to provide you with additional information.

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You Can Count on McWilliams & Son for the Best in Heating Maintenance

Great heating maintenance is about more than preventing issues, however. Our technicians are always on the lookout for ways to improve energy efficiency, which is why we make small adjustments during every visit and confirm that every component is running up to its specifications. Our goal is to make sure that our heater and furnace maintenance visits largely pay for themselves with reduced heating costs, especially in areas where fuel can be expensive. We are committed to providing great service to every customer, which is why we offer easy annual service agreements, arrive on time for every maintenance visit and always leave a customer's home at least as clean as it was when we arrived. Whether you opt for maintenance every year or just a single check to confirm that everything is running properly, consider investing in heating maintenance from McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning.