What are Coils and Condensers and How Do They Affect the Operation of Your Nacogdoches, TX HVAC System?

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All people in Nacogdoches, TX perform better in a clean and healthy environment. The roles of ventilation, heating and air conditioning are closely related. HVAC systems can provide aeration, maintain pressure and reduce air permeation. Condenser coils are used to exchange heat from one medium to another. They are usually found in air conditioners, space heaters and car radiators.

Chemical refrigerants are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A liquid cooled by the chiller is circulated throughout the system. The mixture changes from liquid to gas in the condensing coil. Dense gas is then pushed throughout the air conditioning system. The condenser coil serves as the evaporator in the vapor-compression and refrigeration sequence. Most condenser units are self-maintaining.

Condenser coils can break down, and this decreases their efficiency. They may also need to be completely replaced in time. Homeowners can tell that a condenser coil is having a problem when the temperature is warmer in the house than the thermostat setting. In Nacogdoches, TX, there are restrictions on how people can dispose of used condenser coils. Homeowners should make sure that they know all of the local rules and regulations before they throw a condenser coil away. It is also important for all HVAC systems to drain correctly. Lufkin and Nacogdoches, TX homeowners need to check the drains in their HVAC systems from time to time.

Nacogdoches, TX residents are aware of the fact that replacing HVAC systems is a big financial decision. HVAC systems use more energy than almost all other parts of the home. In the Lufkin and Nacogdoches, TX areas, half of utility bills can usually be attributed to cooling and heating. Emissions from heating and air conditioning systems also contribute to global warming.

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