Why is My A/C Freezing Up?

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As a homeowner in Crockett, TX, you rely on your central air conditioning system to provide relief from the summer heat. If you look at the system, you may wonder why A/C is freezing up on occasion. There are many common and fixable causes as to why an A/C system can freeze. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning common reasons as to why A/C is freezing up and what you can do to resolve the problem.

Dirty Air Filter

The most common cause of A/C systems freezing up is a dirty system air filter. A clogged up air filter impedes the flow of air through the system, causing it to not properly operate. The buildup of cold air can cause the system to freeze up and shut down until the filter is replaced. The built up ice will need to melt and be drained away from the unit before it will be safe to operate again. While the ice melts, take the opportunity to replace the air filter. When the unit is completely defrosted, the power to it can be restored.

Fan Problem

An obstruction in the fan, a loss of lubrication or a bent fan blade can cause the fan to stop working. When the fan stops working, it can no longer blow the cooled air into the air ducts. This causes the unit to freeze up until the fan is repaired. Shut the unit down and grease the fan motor. Remove any visible debris such as twigs or leaves from the unit. If this does not resolve the problem, the fan’s motor or blades may need to be replaced.

Low Coolant Level

Over time, small amounts of the chemical coolant in an air conditioner can leak out of the unit. When the coolant level is too low, the fan has to make up for the loss and this can cause the unit to freeze up. A certified heating and air conditioning service technician will come to your home and check the coolant level and check for leaks. If there is an obvious cause for the leaking coolant, we will repair it and recharge the air conditioner with the proper amount of coolant.

A/C Service Needed

When your A/C is frozen up, it is best to arrange for a professional diagnostic service. A homeowner trying to repair a problem himself could cause more extensive and costly damage to the unit.

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