How to Choose the Best HVAC System for a Multi-Level Home

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It's easy to choose an HVAC system that not only optimizes indoor comfort but also operates with optimal efficiency for your multi-level Lufkin, Texas, home. The most important factors to consider are your heating and cooling preferences and the size of the house. Types of HVAC Systems The first step in choosing the best HVAC system is educating yourself on […]

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a New HVAC System

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Choosing the right HVAC unit is a big decision. You will rely on this unit to effectively cool and heat your home. Consider the following when choosing a new HVAC system for your Crockett, Texas, home. Energy Efficiency Rating Fortunately, most of today's newer HVAC units are designed to be nearly 100 percent efficient. However, efficiency ratings do vary among […]

How Long Does an HVAC System Usually Last?

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Many homeowners in the Livingston, Texas, area wonder how long their HVAC system will last. Although there is no exact answer to that question, you can get an idea of how long yours might last by looking at the current age of the system, as well as your HVAC habits. Certain tasks can help extend the life of an HVAC […]

Is Your Heating System Overdue for Maintenance?

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It's easy to tell when your home's heating system is broken. Even in warmer places like Nacogdoches, Texas, you'll notice if your furnace or heat pump completely stops working when it's chilly outside. But how you do you know when your HVAC system just needs maintenance? If you see these signs, call a reputable service company to schedule repairs. Dirt […]

How a UV Air Purifier Can Benefit Your Family

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When you want clean indoor air in your Livingston, Texas, home, a UV air purifier is the right component to improve the comfort and quality in your living space. UV air purifiers use ultraviolet or UVC light without any actual filtration to kill microorganisms or to keep them from reproducing. Consider these three reasons why a UV air purifier can […]

3 HVAC Efficiency Tips

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Increasing your HVAC system's efficiency can reduce your Apple Springs, Texas, home's utility bills and make you and your family more comfortable. It can also extend your system's life and help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns by reducing wear. Save energy by maintaining your HVAC system, checking your sizing, or getting an upgrade. Maintain Your HVAC System A yearly check from […]

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