The hot season in Center, TX can reach an average of 95°F. And that’s the average. Many days can be hotter.

This is why you need to have a working AC in Center, TX. But like all machines, ACs can break down.

Luckily, you might not need to call an AC technician to get some common AC problems fixed. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot AC problems.

Replacing a Dirty Air Filter

Is your AC putting out less cold air than usual? Are your energy bills skyrocketing? If so, you may need to replace the dirty air filter.

This is one of the most common AC issues. It’s also one of the easiest to fix. Any homeowner can open their AC vent, take out an old filter, and replace it with a new one.

Make sure that you buy the right new air filter. You may want to remove the old air filter before you get a new one. You may also see the serial number on the old air filter.

Fixing a Broken AC Thermostat

What some people may see as a broken AC thermostat may be one set to the wrong temperature. They may hire a technician for AC repairs only to have them set the temperature from COOL to HOT. So if your AC is blowing air at the wrong temperature, check this first.

But you could be dealing with real AC thermostat problems. You may need to replace your thermostat or its batteries. These are things that you can do yourself.

Troubleshoot your AC thermostat by seeing if it responds to you changing the temperature. If it doesn’t, try replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t work, get a new thermostat.

Check Your Circuit Breakers

Is your AC not turning on? This may not be happening because of an issue with the AC itself. It may be that one of your circuit breakers isn’t on.

Before hiring technicians for AC repairs, check your circuit breakers first. If one of them is tripped off, turn it back on. You may hear the AC start as soon as you do.

If it doesn’t, wait a few moments. Only call an AC technician if your AC doesn’t turn on after an extended period. At that point, you’re likely dealing with a broken AC.

We Help Troubleshoot AC Problems

You don’t have to be an AC technician to troubleshoot AC problems like these. So don’t waste money on these simple issues.

But you need to call AC technicians if your AC problems are more complex than these. If you try to DIY more complex problems, you could end up breaking something. Then you’ll have to pay even more to fix or replace these parts.

If you need help fixing AC issues in Center, TX, consider using our services. At McWilliams & Son, we fix and install all makes and models of dependable HVAC systems in Center, TX. Schedule an AC service call on this page.