Ductless air conditioning is a solution that has been around for a while, but improvements in this technology have boosted its popularity and made it a more viable solution for many homeowners. Flexible and easy to install, ductless air conditioners can address many of your home’s climate control demands. Here are three benefits of getting a ductless air conditioner installed in your Livingston, Texas, home.

Advanced Control

Ductless air conditioning solutions allow you to create customized zones in your house. Each of the different systems typically works for one room or area, which has its own individual thermostat settings. Therefore, you can choose which areas of the house you want cooled or left alone. This principle still applies if you have both a traditional central HVAC system and one ductless unit. This type of system comes in handy when you have rooms you don’t use much that don’t need climate control as much as the more frequently used areas of your home.

Extra Flexibility

Ductless air conditioners can be placed anywhere on the exterior wall of the home, allowing flexibility of placement and access to climate control–even for homes that can’t be equipped with traditional systems. This also applies to home additions that can’t be connected to the main HVAC system due to ductwork or sizing concerns. The flexibility of placement and the lack of required ductwork ensures homeowners can get climate control wherever they need it.

Good IAQ

Modern ductless air conditioners have incredible filtration systems, using a variety of different filters and methods when bringing in air from the outside. Since they don’t have ductwork, you don’t have to worry about dust building up in your system and affecting your home’s indoor air quality. It’s a great choice for families with sensitive lungs, but just like traditional systems, these filters will need to be changed out on most models.

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