Any issue with the HVAC system in your Bronson, Texas, building can impact the comfort and safety of the occupants and bring down the productivity and revenue of your business. Subscribing to a preventive maintenance program keeps your system working at optimal efficiency, increases its lifespan, and reduces the number of repairs. Some of the common HVAC repairs clients often face include insufficient heating or cooling, improper air balance, and unusual noises.

Insufficient Heating or Cooling

If your HVAC system is not able to heat or cool the property sufficiently, there can be a number of causes. It might be as simple as clogged air filters restricting the airflow or a malfunctioning thermostat causing temperature fluctuations. Sometimes, there could be a more serious issue like refrigerant leakage, frozen coils, or a problem with the fan or motor. Make sure you call in an HVAC professional to identify and resolve the issue. Running the system without proper repairs increases your energy cost and may cause the system to break down.

Improper Air Balance

The treated air flows through a number of ducts to reach different parts of your building. Dampers regulate the flow of air so as to restrict the flow in some lines and allow more air through others, based upon temperatures requested by the thermostat. If the dampers are not balanced properly, some areas of your property may heat or cool faster than other areas. You’ll need an experienced HVAC technician to get the dampers installed correctly.

System Making Unusual Noises

If you hear an unusual noise coming out of your HVAC system, there may be something wrong inside. A hissing sound may be an indication of a leak in the compressor, while a squeaky noise may be due to a worn-out fan belt. Similarly, a damaged fan blade may make a clanking noise. However, since there are so many components working together, you should get a professional to detect and address the exact cause.

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