During the winter months in Garrison, Texas, the temperatures can drop quite a bit, leaving your home feeling cooler than you might like. However, a traditional heating system isn’t always necessary, especially since the weather stays warm throughout most of the year. Check out these innovative heating options that can deliver comfort.

Movement-Activated System

This option isn’t available to homeowners quite yet, but it’s certainly an interesting concept. Engineers at MIT designed an air conditioning unit with motion sensors in aluminum rods hung along the ceiling throughout the space. When people in the room move around, the air conditioner turns on to cool it down. Motion-activated heating and cooling is an appealing idea to those who want to save money, but until this option is available on a wider scale, you can use a smart thermostat to have better control over your HVAC system.

Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump is a great option for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money on utilities. This heating option works well in areas with moderate climates, so Garrison is a good place to consider using one. A geothermal heat pump pulls energy from the earth’s core via a looped pipe buried underground. During the warmer months, your heat pump works in reverse by removing heat from the home and keeping it cooler. You can also take advantage of free hot water, so that’s a big perk of a geothermal heat pump.

Heat from a Computer

If you’ve ever worked with a laptop computer sitting on your lap, you can attest to how much heat comes from the unit. The founder of Project Energy has a theory that the heat produced by your laptop could be used to power the heating system in your home. This unique idea could change the way we heat our living spaces.

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