Most heaters and air conditioners are split systems that have an indoor air handler connected to an outdoor unit with a refrigerant conduit. A packaged HVAC system has most of its parts in a single casing instead. That way, it can work more efficiently and help you lower your Livingston, Texas, home’s utility bills. With a packaged HVAC system, you and your family can enjoy easy installation and maintenance, and more options for customization.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Since most of the components are assembled at the factory, packaged HVAC systems are easier to install than conventional systems. You can fit a packaged system on your roof or outside your home on a concrete slab. You won’t need to use any indoor space for your HVAC system. Durable cases protect packaged units from bad weather.

Multiple Customization Options With Packaged HVAC System

You can choose a packaged air conditioner, a heat pump, a hybrid or dual-fuel unit with gas and electric parts. They come with many different designs and sizes and are ideal for renovations or additions. Alternatively, keep your existing system and add a packaged system to the new part of your home. You can control each one independently or make changes from a central location with a programmable or smart thermostat. You can even make adjustments from anywhere with your computer or smartphone.

A Higher Value for Your Home

A packaged HVAC system can increase comfort for yourself and your family. It can also reduce your expenses. These features make homes with packaged systems more appealing to some buyers.

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