Purchasing a new air conditioning system in the winter may sound strange, but the off-season can actually be the perfect time to schedule an installation. If you think you’ll need a new air conditioner when warmer weather hits Centralia, Texas, next year, consider these three reasons to have one installed this winter.

Supply and Demand

If you already know your air conditioner is on its last leg, it’s wise to plan ahead. Your future self will regret procrastinating on such a vital, foreseeable, and inevitable purchase when your AC bites the dust on a hot spring day. Not only will your family have to suffer in the heat, but according to the economic principles of supply and demand, prices are likely to be higher during warm months, when demand increases. You may have to wait longer for your installation, too, since HVAC contractors will be much busier.

Limited-Time Offers

Speaking of supply and demand, consider this: When demand decreases due to chilly weather, HVAC manufacturers and contractors are more likely to offer special offers, rebates, and discounts to drive sales. By buying during the winter, you may be able to save money on one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner has to make. Also, if your utility company or local government is currently offering any incentives, there’s no guarantee they will still be around when your air conditioner quits.

Better Work Conditions

You don’t want to wait for an air conditioning installation during hot weather; remember that you won’t be the only one sweating. The HVAC technicians who will be installing your new unit will have to work in those same conditions or worse — especially if your new unit will be located in a stuffy attic. Not only will we get to you sooner in the winter, but the installation process will probably be quicker and easier.

Take advantage of these winter installation benefits today! Give McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 877-936-1974 for fast, professional air conditioning installation.

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