Whether you’re a longtime Lufkin, Texas, resident, or you recently moved to the area, you know that humidity can be a significant concern for homeowners. While you can’t control moisture in the air outdoors, you can address the humidity inside your home. Find out how operating dehumidifiers and using desiccants to control moisture are among some easy ways to lower humidity in your home.

Operate a Dehumidifier

In areas of your home such as a basement, a dehumidifier unit may prove helpful. Removing extra moisture can control mustiness and stale odors. Whole-home dehumidifiers can help reduce the relative humidity in your home to healthy levels and allow your HVAC system to operate more effectively while keeping your family more comfortable. In addition to promoting better indoor air quality, controlling the humidity in your home will enable you to avoid problems with dust mites, allergy triggers, biological growth, and other health concerns.

Use Desiccants to Control Moisture

Desiccants are nonmechanical dehumidifiers that you can use to control moisture in small areas of your home. Examples of common types of desiccants include silica gel (a nontoxic, noncorrosive form of silicon), activated clay (a naturally occurring, nonhazardous, and sulfur-free substance), and chalk. You can find many types of commercial desiccants in stores that sell closet-organizing products and housewares. For best effectiveness, place desiccants in cabinets, closets, drawers, and storage boxes.

Watch Where You Place Absorbent Materials

Carpets, pillows, and rugs easily absorb moisture from humid areas in your home. Remove absorbent materials from rooms subject to chronic moisture problems, such as the basement, bathrooms, and the laundry room.

Vent Exhaust Outdoors

Turn on exhaust fans in moist, humid places in your home, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Be sure your clothes dryer is properly vented to the outside to avoid exhaust building up inside your house.

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