A OnePoll survey of 2,000 participants showed that over half required ice with their drinks. With results like this, you may have guessed that not serving ice-cold beverages at your restaurant can be problematic.

Commercial ice machine repair is sometimes needed to ensure you can satisfy your customers’ ice needs. Compounding the issue is that it can be hard to tell when you’re having ice machine issues.

Below are four signs your commercial ice-making machine needs repair. Your commercial kitchen appliances must work properly. Hopefully, this list helps you catch these signs before it’s too late for your ice unit.

1. Leaks

There are two kinds of leaks you should look out for: external and internal. External leaks manifest as pools of water under your ice unit. The leak may eventually damage your floorboards if it is not addressed.

Larger-than-average ice cubes may mean you have an internal leak. These leaks occur because extra water leaks into the ice-making chamber, resulting in giant ice cubes.

Your commercial ice-making machine wasn’t made to create, hold, or expel extra-large ice cubes. Bigger ice cubes sound good but can damage your ice unit.

2. Bad Tasting Ice

Various foods and drinks use ice as an ingredient. Good-tasting ice may not be something we think about often, but the flavor is essential. Incidentally, bad-tasting ice is a sign you need commercial ice machine repairs.

There’s not much you can do to hide the taste of “awful ice.” When your machine spits out ice that tastes or smells bad, you should consider calling someone for ice machine repairs.

3. Half Frozen Ice Cubes

Half-frozen cubes are another ice machine issue you may encounter during your ice-making unit’s lifespan. A broken or malfunctioning compressor may explain why you’re getting cold slush instead of ice cubes.

The compressor is a piece of your commercial ice-making machine responsible for temperature control. A damaged compressor causes wild temperature fluctuations, in turn creating chilled slush.

4. Reduced Ice Output

A spectrum of ice machine issues tells when your unit is on the fritz. The most obvious problem is when the ice machine isn’t making ice. An often overlooked issue is when ice machines have reduced output.

Reduced ice output often goes overlooked because the unit still makes ice in relatively good condition. The cubes aren’t overly large or half melted; there’s just less than usual.

Running out of ice signifies your machine is making less than typical. If you’ve noticed you’re digging deeper into the bin to retrieve ice; you may have a damaged commercial kitchen appliance on your hands.

Need Commercial Ice Machine Repair?

An ice machine not making ice is often a sign you need commercial ice machine repair. But other issues may indicate you’ve got a piece of busted commercial kitchen equipment in your restaurant.

Luckily, McWilliams & Son can help with your damaged commercial ice machine. Contact us if you’re having any of the above-listed issues. We service the Nacogdoches, Huntsville, Livingston, and Lufkin, Texas areas.

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