Reasons Why You Need a HVAC Tuneup

Do you notice your air conditioning unit blowing hot air? Do you hear weird noises whenever you turn on your heater? These are some of the signs your HVAC system is starting to fail. Replacing an AC unit costs at least $3,000, including installation fees. On top of the expenses, your family still needs to deal with discomfort. It highlights the need for a regular HVAC tune up.

Continue reading below for five big reasons to schedule one.

1. HVAC Efficiency During Cold Months 

Scheduling a fall HVAC tune up in Lufkin ensures efficient performance of your heater during winter’s cold months. As more guests visit your house during the holidays, your heater works harder. When you fail to tune up your heater before the winter, your HVAC system is more likely to fail.

Interestingly, professional HVAC tune up can boost HVAC efficiency by up to 40%. HVAC comes with intricate components that need regular tune ups.

2. Warranty and Lifespan Extension  

HVAC systems have expensive components. If manufacturers waive the warranty due to lack of maintenances, you end up spending more than necessary.

Preventive HVAC maintenance helps maximize the warranty coverage of your HVAC. Most manufacturers request proof of annual maintenance before they approve a repair claim under warranty.

Regular HVAC tune up in the areas of Livingston or Nacogdoches also extends the lifespan of your heating and cooling units. As your HVAC system gets older, it becomes obsolete. An HVAC technician can check for issues and give tips to make it more efficient.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

HVAC tune up and maintenance became more valuable during the current health crisis. Your HVAC performance affects your indoor air quality. Indoor airborne pollutants can be up to five times more infectious compared to outdoor counterparts.

Without an efficient HVAC system, the health and safety of your family may suffer. They may develop different respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma. Regular maintenance ensures top-notch filtering of cold and warm air.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprint

A well-maintained HVAC also reduces your carbon footprint. When your HVAC works efficiently, it uses less fuel. In turn, you help the environment.

Regular maintenance also opens opportunities for switching to greener solutions. A trusted HVAC technician can explain the benefits of natural gas and programmable thermostats.

5. More Savings

Lastly, regular HVAC tune ups yield long-term savings. Apart from preventing costly repairs, it cuts your monthly energy bills. A clogged air filter will make your AC unit work harder and consume more energy.

Busted filters lead to dust and debris accumulation. It may cause illnesses and make you spend extra on medications.

Schedule an HVAC Tune Up Now

Regular maintenance allows you to keep your HVAC system in excellent shape. You will save more money while staying comfortable all year. Work with a reputable HVAC company to maximize the benefits of an HVAC tune up.

Connect with us today and schedule a service call. We offer quality HVAC maintenance for homes in Angelina, Polk, San Jacinto, and other neighboring counties.

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