Did you know that Texas is experiencing some of its worst smog in a decade?

Clean air is more important than most people make it out to be. It smells better, makes breathing easier, and reduces the symptoms of respiratory disease. Most of all, it’s linked to a whole host of health benefits.

The verdict is clear: improving indoor air quality in your home is of paramount importance. But saying that is easy, and making it a reality is another thing.

Follow us as we cover 5 simple tips on how to improve indoor air quality.

1. Improving Indoor Air Quality Requires Some Ventilation

One of the most important tips for better air quality is to regularly open windows and doors. The air in a room can grow stale and less oxygen-rich. Add to this the buildup of chemicals and dust, and you create very poor air quality.

It only takes a few minutes of ventilation to achieve this. In Texas’ hot summer months, you can open the windows in the evening. Your house will smell fresher and the air will feel better.

2. Change Out Your Filters

When was the last time you changed your filters? Most filters require a change every six months. But some people can forget and leave them in for much longer.

Used filters have no more space to put the dust. So they release the dust back into your home. Not only that but changing filters is a way to improve cooling efficiency.

3. Do More Dusting

Texas can get dusty, especially in the north. Even with new filters, dust is guaranteed to coat all of your surfaces. Leave it there, and air currents can pick it up and put it back into the air.

Make sure to dust with a wet rag to capture all the dust particles. Wash them down the drain rather than shake the ragout.

4. Add Some Indoor Plants

Plants are the obvious choice for clean air. They suck up carbon dioxide and put out the oxygen we need to breathe. It only makes sense to keep them inside to improve your home’s air quality.

Try for plants with big leaves. Make sure they get a window for sunlight and proper watering.

5. Get Some HVAC Maintenance

Your Texas home probably has internal air conditioning. Those pipes and vents can sometimes get blocked up. Your air conditioners may be malfunctioning, leading to poor ventilation.

Make sure your HVAC maintenance is up to date. If nothing else works, then it might be an issue with the system.

Get Your Home Serviced Today

Clean air is the best thing you can do for the health of your home. Improving indoor air quality only requires a few simple steps. Soon you’ll be breathing fresh, clean air in no time.

It’s time to schedule your HVAC maintenance. When you do, make sure you call someone you can trust. After a visit from them, you’ll be sure to have better indoor air quality.

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