It seems like summer lasts about nine months of the year here in East Texas. So keeping your AC running smoothly is a critical job for keeping cool.

Many common problems fall at the feet of poor AC unit maintenance, so take some time this spring to get everything in shape before the weather heats up.

Let’s walk through the easiest AC maintenance tasks you can take on to ensure your unit can keep up with the Texas summer.

Outside Jobs

Let’s start outside since the weather is nice and you want to enjoy it as much as you can, right? Many of the tasks on this part of the checklist are easily done alongside your other spring yard work.


Take a quick look over the outside unit to ensure everything is in order. In particular, check over the refrigerant lines, which are insulated in a foam that looks a bit like a pool noodle. Make sure there’s no missing or fraying foam as that needs replacing.

Look over the outdoor wiring for any damage or wear winter might have caused. Get out your level to check that the slab is still sitting flat.

If you uncover any issues, you might want to have a professional technician take a look as there could be deeper problems like leaking refrigerant.


The main goal here is to get rid of dirt and debris that can block airflow and cut your unit’s ability to cool. The fan can suck in grass clippings and those slippery live oak leaves, while vines and bushes might have grown in the fall and are now blocking the condenser.

Start by disconnecting the power and clearing debris from the outside. Check any bent or crushed fins, and use gentle pressure to get them back into shape.

Remove the top of the AC unit, which might be attached to the fan motor. Clear out debris from the inside, and make sure the drain is clear if there is one.

Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the fins in an up-and-down motion. Vacuum or wipe down the coils and blower fan blades as well.

Spray the fins from the inside out with the garden hose on moderate pressure.

Put the top back one, and keep an ear out for any odd noises once you turn the unit back on.

Inside Jobs

Moving back inside, start by testing the thermostat to make sure it kicks on when it should. You’ll then move to more inspection and cleaning tasks.


Give your exposed ductwork a quick eyeball to look for wear like gaps in the insulation wrap, disconnected joints, or small holes. Just a few leaks can cause your system to work 50 percent harder to get your house cool.

Take a loot at all your air vents and registers as well. You don’t want to have anything like furniture blocking them, and they should be open all the way.


Start with what should be familiar territory by changing out the air filter. This should be done every few months unless you have a newer unit with thicker filters that don’t need to be changed as often.

Check the condensate or drainage line for any blockage. Dirt, mold, and algae like to build up in there. A bleach and water mixture poured down the line can help keep it clean and open.

Open up the unit to take a look at the evaporator coil. Vacuum up any dust in the cabinet, then spray the coil down with a coil cleaner. Rinse it and the pan, let it dry, then close the cabinet up again.

Ready to Schedule Your AC Maintenance?

This AC maintenance list might seem a little long, but many of the tasks are easy to do. Keeping up with the simple jobs can keep your AC system running efficiently when the hot summer months arrive here in East Texas.

If you’re looking for AC maintenance services to take care of these jobs for you, contact us to find out about our service plans. Our service includes more in-depth checks like the refrigerant level and capacitor efficiency, while the plans help keep your AC maintenance cost manageable.

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