Dependable Advice about HVAC Installation in Lufkin, TX

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If you’re seeking dependable advice about HVAC installation in Lufkin, TX, you’ll find it at McWilliams & Son Air Conditioning. We’ve been servicing the Lufkin, TX area for many years and have installed all models and makes of HVAC systems. When it comes to dependable advice about HVAC installation, our expertise is second to none. Our skilled technicians are experienced. We provide our customers with the best advice and valuable tips when it comes to HVAC installation.

Dependable Advice about HVAC Installation in New and Pre-owned homes

Whether you’re moving into a newly constructed home or purchasing a pre-owned home, there are many things you should know about your heating and cooling system. You’ll want to make sure that the entire system has been installed correctly and is energy efficient. Here’s a list of some tips to be on the lookout for:

  • For the best air circulation, the thermostat should be on an inside wall with plenty of space. There should also be plenty of access space around the air conditioner and heater. Keep in mind that space is needed so that the system can draw air easily.
  • If the system is not equipped with insulated pipes, there needs to be easy access for drainage pans to avoid condensation. Too much condensation can lead to mildew and mold and adversely affect the indoor air quality.
  • Air filters should be easy to access for changing or cleaning.
  • The system needs to be adequately sized for the home. Oversized and undersized systems are inefficient and also result in poor humidity levels.
  • The ductwork should be insulated for the HVAC’s maximum efficiency.-All of the ductwork connections should be sealed with mastic and tape at every joint. If not, air will leak out and diminish the comfort level of the home.
  • To ensure the system has been properly installed and is up to local codes, have an inspector from the municipality inspect the system.

Self-Install or Professional Installation

The most dependable advice about HVAC installation we can offer consumers is to have a certified technician do the installation. Even though there are top name brands that come with self-install kits and specifications, this is not a job we recommend tackling yourself. First of all, most manufacturers will not honor its warranty if the unit is not installed by an industry professional. Losing a seven year warranty on the compressor and a five year warranty on parts makes self-installation a long-term financial risk. If you need a major repair down the road, you could be facing some hefty repair bills.

There are also strict local, state and federal guidelines that must be met. If these guidelines are not followed, you could also be facing some expensive costs to re-install the entire system. Keep in mind that a proper installation requires industry skills, knowledge and tools. Most consumers are not equipped with the essentials required for a good installation. Even a top brand system will not perform well without the right installation. Plain and simple, always leave the installation to the pros.

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