Fall in Lufkin Is Around the Corner: Plan Your Seasonal HVAC System Maintenance

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ac-repairFall in Lufkin Is Around the Corner: Plan Your Seasonal HVAC System Maintenance. If you’re a Lufkin homeowner, you know the HVAC system has been working hard all summer to beat the heat and humidity. With fall right around the corner, it’s time to think about seasonal HVAC system maintenance. Taking good care of this system is the best way to ensure it takes good care of you all year round, running smoothly to ensure your comfort and efficiently to keep energy costs reasonable.

Seasonal HVAC System Maintenance: What Your System Need

To ensure reliable and efficient performance, the HVAC system needs a little TLC after the long, hot summer in the form of a professional tuneup and inspection by a qualified service technician. Here’s what you can expect a technician to tackle during seasonal HVAC system maintenance:

  • Check thermostat settings, calibration and function
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Inspect condensate drains and drip pans
  • Test system controls
  • Replace or clean the air filter
  • Inspect exhaust outlets, fuel lines, burners and heat exchangers of the furnace
  • Clean A/C or heat pump coils, check refrigerant charge, clean and calibrate blower components

Think You Might Need More Than Maintenance?

If your system is 15 or more years old, you’re likely best off replacing it with more reliable and energy-efficient equipment. However, replacement shouldn’t be done piecemeal, since you want to be sure that all parts of your HVAC system work together smoothly. Replacing just a few – like just the outdoor components, for instance – can affect the performance and efficiency of your system, as can a poorly sized system, so make sure your HVAC contractor does a detailed load calculation to determine your exact heating and cooling needs. Lastly, go over all of your options with your HVAC contractor to determine what type of system best suits your needs.

For more information on seasonal HVAC system maintenance or replacement, contact McWilliams & Son Heating & Air. Family owned and operated, we’ve been proudly serving the home comfort needs of customers in the Lufkin and Nacogdoches areas since 1974. Remember this article Fall in Lufkin Is Around the Corner: Plan Your Seasonal HVAC System Maintenance.

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