How to Keep Your Heating and Air System Dependable this Winter in Lufkin

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Lufkin, TX is not exactly the easiest place to keep a heating and air system dependable. With the sweltering Texas summers and the unpredictable winters of Lufkin always looming over the horizon, home owners in the city as well as commercial real estate owners have a great deal of volatility to overcome if they are to have a heating and air system Lufkin ready.

McWillam & Son Heating & Air has some suggestions for keeping your heating and air system dependable this winter by minimizing unnecessary wear and tear on your heating and air system.  It’s as easy as one, two, three.

One – Have your heating and air system inspected before the first freeze.

This is a great way identify any parts that are likely to fail when temperatures fall.  One part not working efficiently due to age or disrepair can place additional stress on other parts.  What might have been a simple repair can escalate into a major repair.  You want to avoid emergency repairs during peak of season in winter or summer because that is when HVAC repair technicians are most busy.  An ounce of prevention will go a long way towards having dependable heat this winter and saving on necessary repairs.

Two – Do not make drastic changes to the thermostat no matter what happens in the outside environment.

Lufkin is actually home to fairly unpredictable weather conditions in the height of the summer and winter months. In the name of keeping your heating and air system dependable, you must resist the urge to respond to drastic changes in the outside environment with similar drastic changes in doors. A huge change in temperature does not occur as quickly as you think it might. However, the energy expended is basically wasted. Think of putting a car in neutral and then slamming on the gas pedal – this is effectively what you are doing when you crank up thermostat more than eight or 9° in a single sitting.

It is actually much better to let the internal, real-time thermostat take hold of the indoor temperature in the midst of a drastic outdoor environmental change. The heat index will not affect the internal workings of the air-conditioning system, and a less drastic change will be made that will eventually bring the indoor temperature to a comfortable level.

Three – Set a standard temperature that is as near to the outside temperature as is comfortable for you.

The less distance that there is between your stated indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature, the less that you will have to overwork your heating and air system this winter.

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