Matching Sides of Your A/C When Replacing Parts: Why It’s Important

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An A/C system is engineered with sophisticated components consisting of indoor and outdoor units. These are designed to promote optimal heat extraction and heat release at the indoor evaporator coil and the outside condenser coil. If you’re replacing the evaporator or condenser, selecting matching sides of A/C coils is imperative for peak efficiency and to avoid emergency repair.

How two sides work as one

In addition to the evaporator and condenser coils, a split A/C system employs a compressor in the outside cabinet. This piece of equipment pumps the refrigerant between the coils and an indoor air handler, which forces the cooled air through the ducts to the living spaces.

Refrigerant enters the evaporator under low pressure. The refrigerant evaporates to a gas and absorbs heat in the process from the air flowing through the return duct and across the evaporator. The evaporator becomes extremely cold during this process, which aids in cooling the air. The cooled air flows through the supply ducts to the living spaces.

The refrigerant is prepared, or squeezed, for heat release by the compressor. The refrigerant then enters the outside condenser coil under high pressure and releases heat to the outside air.

Matching sides of an A/C

Over the last several years, A/C systems have switched to the more environmentally-friendly refrigerant R-410A as mandated by law. Moreover, new A/C systems must meet or exceed SEER 13, which indicates the cooling efficiency of an air conditioning system.

If your A/C was manufactured before 2006, it may not reach the new SEER requirements for efficiency nor will it be equipped to handle R-410A. This newer refrigerant operates under significantly higher pressure than the previous refrigerant commonly used, R-22. Matching sides of A/C coils are necessary for peak efficiency.

Properly matching sides of A/C components also matters because:

  • A/C systems require peak efficiency for optimal dehumidification.
  • Mismatched coils may result in early failure of one or both coils and the compressor.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty may be voided.

If you need a system repair or replacement, matching sides of A/C components is vital for your investment. For more information or to determine the best HVAC option for your home, contact the experts at McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning. We serve homeowners in Lufkin and Nacogdoches.

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