What to Be Mindful of When Working With an HVAC Contractor

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hvac technician

hvac technician

What to Be Mindful of When Working With an HVAC Contractor. When it’s time for routine HVAC maintenance or you want to replace the entire system, working with an HVAC contractor is just the first step in getting the job done. You’ll need to ensure that any replacement parts being purchased are of the highest quality, and you may also need to consider whether or not the services offered are backed by warranties.

What to Be Aware of With an HVAC Contractor

Assuming that you’ve already found a heating and cooling technician, here are five points to keep in mind to ensure successful completion of the project.

  • Is the contractor NATE licensed? In most states, one needs to be licensed in order to become an HVAC contractor. Contractors licensed by the will uphold the highest working standards.
  • Is the contractor insured? HVAC repairs and general maintenance involve a lot of movement. Ensure that the company carries liability insurance, as well as workers compensation so any damages resulting from the contractor’s presence in your home are covered.
  • If you’re installing a new HVAC system, how will the tech determine a suitable size? He or she may be experienced, but considering that any losses incurred are squarely on your head, ensure your tech will be using “Manual J” rather than estimating your needs based on the existing HVAC system.
  • How does the HVAC pro approach energy efficiency? Do they work with the latest energy-saving equipment? An experienced HVAC contractor will actually provide advice on how you could save on energy costs, as well as maintenance tips for optimal performance.  
  • Are the products and services backed by warranties? Warranties are like guarantees; the longer the warranty, the greater the confidence in the product or services provided. Reputable contractors abide by their warranties.

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