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Schedule HVAC Repair for Your Lufkin Home

By August 10, 2012September 20th, 2023No Comments

Throughout the year, you want the heating ventilation and air conditioning system in your Lufkin home to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Even if you are diligent about the maintenance, there are still times when some sort of HVAC repair will be necessary. Whether that repair is simple or serious, we at McWilliams & Son Heating & Air Conditioning can get the job done.

Timing and Your HVAC Repair in Lufkin

The best time to call for HVAC repair service is when you notice that something is not quite right with the system. Perhaps the air conditioning seems to not cool the home as well as it did a week or so ago. You may find that it takes the system longer to kick on or off, even though the weather has been constant. Maybe the system seems to be a little louder than usual.

Whatever type of issue you’ve noticed, now is the time to call for help. In many cases, the service technician can identify the origin of the problem before it has a chance to create additional wear and tear on other components in your HVAC system. This will mean the cost of the repair is lower and will require less time.

By contrast, choosing to put off making that call for help will provide time for more damage to be done to the system. As a result, you may be facing a more comprehensive repair job that will take more time and money.

How do I Schedule a Service Call?

Scheduling a service call with us is very simple. You can reach us by phone and an appointment can be scheduled within minute. Alternatively, you can visit our web site and manage the scheduling process online.

With either approach, please provide us with some basic information about your system. We will want to know the brand of system installed in your home. The data will be found in the front of your owner’s manual, or you can get the information off the unit itself. Tell us a little about what the system is doing. Many times, knowing that the system is taking a long time to turn on or that it seems to be running will make it easier to have some idea of what may be the issue.

Whether you make the appointment by phone or online, keep in mind you will be provided with a date and a window of time that our technician will arrive. In the event that the technician finishes early with a previous appointment, he or she will call so you know that help will arrive a little early.

During the Service Call

Once our technician arrives at your home, he or she will want to talk with you about the performance of your HVAC unit. Make sure to provide all the details if you can. That information will come in handy as the technician begins to run diagnostics on each component in your system. The diagnostics will indicate that some sort of irregularity exists and allow the technician to pinpoint the origin of the problem quickly.

Once the problem has been identified and assessed, you will be advised on what must be done to make the HVAC repair. This will include an estimate for the labor and parts needed to finish the job. At this point, you can provide the technician with authorization to proceed with the repair. In no time, the expert from McWilliams & Son Heating & Air Conditioning will complete the repair and your system will be good as new.