Do you love your running hot water? If you’ve ever run a warm tap to clean your hands or taken a relaxing shower after a long day, the answer is almost certainly “yes!” And you’re most certainly not alone. In fact, many people have to have their warm water to power through the day.

That’s why when your water heater stops, it’s a safe bet that your day will become less than satisfactory. If your water heater is failing you, you might need to look into getting water heater services to have it fixed. But what exactly could be the problem with your water heater? With so many components, it would be great to know what it takes to fix the heater and get back to warmer times.

No need to worry! This article goes through some of the most common water heater repair services that contractors handle. Read on to see if you might be experiencing one of these problems!

1. Replacing the Storage Tank

The most common problem that homeowners experience with a water heater is that the storage tank is no longer working properly. Most water heaters work by using a storage tank to heat water and hold it until it’s needed. If you’re no longer getting cold water, the storage tank itself may be to blame.

Storage tank units should be inspected annually and should be replaced every 7 to 12 years, so if it’s been a while since your last replacement (or if you’ve moved into a home recently and need to make repairs) then have the contractors take a look at the take first.

2. Fixing Rumbling Noises

It’s not pleasant to hear your water heater rattling while you wash your hands in the middle of the night. This usually means that something in the water heater is either loose or broken. You’ll want to get repairs before it gets worse.

Rumbling noises are a common problem with other water heaters and one that any professional repair service should be able to handle!

3. Fixing Hot Water Pressure

Does it seem like your hot water has a lot less pressure than when you use the cold water? There are a few possible causes, but most likely it’s because mineral deposits are building up inside of your tank’s pipes and forcing a reduction in pressure.

Luckily, this is a common problem with a simple solution. Your professional contractor can help you take care of your water heater by clearing out the mineral deposits and giving you the proper amount of hot water pressure!

Get the Water Heater Services You Need

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