Eventually, every homeowner will need to call a plumber. No matter the age of your home, you will need to know the cost of plumbing.

If you are moving to/or living in Huntsville, AKA, the home of the Texas State Penitentiary, you will most likely be moving into/living in an old free-standing home.

Older homes are a part of the historical charm, but these properties are more likely to produce plumbing problems due to old fixtures, pipes, and clogs. With more plumbing issues, you’re going to need to know the cost of a plumber in the area.

And the issue of working on older homes is that they were built in specific eras where there was little to no quality oversight. If you investigate today’s plumbing standards in Texas, they’ve made sure these issues of the past won’t follow us into the future.

There are however several standard issues that Huntsville residents will need to deal with. These include:

Hard Water

We’re not talking about the physical state of the liquid when talking about Hard Water. What we’re referring to is how much-dissolved materials are in the water.

There’s no need to panic if you’re drinking hard water as it poses no health risks. However, it will cause damage to fixtures and, in some cases, a bitter taste.

Hard water damages plumbing by piling up sediment in the pipes, blocking or reducing plumbing efficiency. This being said, hard water is only an issue that will pop up once a decade.

In regards to the “cost of a plumber”, this is a simple enough issue to isolate and repair, with hard water mostly affecting drainage systems.

This means no need to turn off the water to repair the problem areas, saving your time and money.


As mentioned, Huntsville is an old town. With historical towns come issues with old infrastructures, like pipes.

Leaking pipes often go unnoticed for months and even years. As leaks can occur underground.

Sewage systems can also develop leaks due to tree roots breaking through and growing in the pipe. After all, Huntsville is situated in the beautiful Piney Woods region of Texas.

Replacing a sewage pipe with a root growing in it is a labor-intense job. If you’re worried about the “cost of plumber per hour”, you might be better off hiring unskilled labor to dig it out.

Leaks can develop in old plumbing fixtures and faucets. The major hurdle here is sourcing old parts, which will hike up the plumbing cost.

The next issue is related to unseen leakages under your home.

Slab Changes

When there’s a shift in your home’s slab it is a large issue. Slabs shift when the ground acts like a sponge, absorbing all the water it can.

Once it has reached saturation point, the ground can’t retain its shape and turns into mush. This mush allows your house’s slab to move and shift.

If this happens you’re in for a rather large plumbing bill and other contracting specialists.

A good sign this could happen is if your water bill starts to skyrocket.

But if any of these aren’t your issue, what is the “average cost of a plumber” in Huntsville?

Getting The Best Plumbers For The Job in Huntsville!

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