When is it Time to Replace your AC in Livingston, TX

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There is really no set time to replace your AC in Livingston, TX. Unless you are having problems with the unit, then the decision is really a personal choice. Of course, if you need help deciding, we offer free in-home estimates here at McWilliams & Son Heating and Air Conditioning. You should also be aware that replacing an AC unit that is over 10 years old can actually offer you many benefits.

In the last 10 years, AC equipment has undergone a lot of changes. Today’s heating and air equipment is more effective at heating the home while being substantially more efficient at doing it. In fact, replacing your AC equipment can improve your cooling effectiveness by as much as 25 percent, while increasing your energy efficiency by 25 to 40 percent. Since running your HVAC equipment accounts for nearly half of your total energy costs, having a more efficient unit can drastically reduce your energy bills.

Heat pumps and air conditioners now use a more Eco-friendly coolant to cool your home. This is standard in all new units as a replacement for Freon, an ozone depleting chemical. In fact, Freon is now only used as a refill for units that are already in place. So, by switching to a new cooling system, you can actually help the environment by eliminating the use of Freon in your home and also by lessening your home’s energy consumption.

If you really want to invest in something that is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient for your Livingston, TX home, consider installing a geothermal heat pump. This system uses the constant temperature of the ground as a heating and cooling source. It emits no green-house gas emissions during operation, uses 70 percent of renewable energy sources to heat and cool and is the most efficient equipment on the marketplace today. In fact, a geothermal unit is over 45 percent more efficient than other heating and cooling options.

The downside to a geothermal unit is the initial investment costs. However, the energy-savings provided by the units typically recovers these costs in under 10 years. The federal government is also offering a 30 percent tax credit, with no upper limit, for the installation of qualified systems. This tax credit is only available until December of 2016. So, now is the right time to buy for the best deal on the unit.

Another advantage of the geothermal unit as a source for heating and AC in Livingston, TX is the units long service life. The unit is composed of basically two major systems, the underground, closed loop system that contains water or antifreeze and the above-ground component that contains the fans and heat exchanger. The underground loop system is generally not exposed to the elements, and it is known to last over 50 years. The above-ground component tends to last around 25 years and is also shielded from the elements by being stored inside the home, or in a crawl space. If you choose to invest in a geothermal unit, it will likely be the last unit that you will ever have to purchase for your home.

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