Experts say people will spend more on heating this winter. How can you deal with your furnace to combat that?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably noticing something wrong with your furnace. Faulty furnaces can increase heating bills, heat your home efficiently, and overwhelm you with service bills in the long run.

That’s why you must understand when it’s time to get a new furnace in Cleveland, TX.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll list several signs that you need a new furnace this winter.

1. Long Use

Even with diligent and consistent maintenance, your furnace eventually needs to be replaced. If you’ve been living in your childhood home for decades and the furnace hasn’t been replaced, it’s time to do so now.

Specifically, furnaces can last 15-20 years. With exceptional maintenance, these appliances can last even longer.

But if you haven’t been diligent with furnace repairs and an annual maintenance plan, replace it if your furnace has hit the fifteen-year mark. This way, you minimize the risk of spontaneous malfunctioning.

2. Frequent Recent Repairs

You might be wondering, “Do I need a new furnace?” This is a valid question since, in many cases, furnaces can be repaired instead of replaced. But there’s a limit to how many repairs are worth the cost.

Furnaces that get frequent repairs must be replaced. Frequent repairs indicate that the furnace is giving out. Although individual repair jobs are more affordable than a brand-new furnace, those costs can add up.

3. High Utility Bills

When furnaces malfunction, they use more energy while operating. They compensate for their inability to function optimally by expending more energy. This is especially true for older models, which aren’t manufactured for energy efficiency like most modern models.

An inefficient heating system is detrimental to both the environment and your finances. If your home runs on fossil fuels, a higher energy output will definitely increase your carbon footprint. A higher energy output will inevitably impact your heating bills too.

Have a professional in Cleveland, TX inspect your furnace if your energy bill has been higher than average compared to previous seasons. They’ll advise you to either repair or replace your furnace with a more energy-efficient model.

4. Constantly Cold Home

The best way to determine whether your furnace works is to see if it’s still too cold inside while the furnace is turned on. If your home isn’t as warm as you like, your furnace is most likely malfunctioning.

Furnaces will give out after long-term use. So if a professional determines there’s no chance to revive it with repairs, replace your furnace.

5. Unusual Noises

It’s common and expected for furnaces to bang and pop. These are the sounds of your home’s heating ducts expanding and contracting due to temperature fluctuations.

But if those sounds are louder as of late, or you hear strange sounds you’ve never heard before, inspect it or have a professional do it. It may be time for a new furnace installation if the issue doesn’t involve minor ductwork or blade issues.

Get a New Furnace for the Winter!

Understand when it’s time to get a new furnace. Doing so will help you prepare your home for the winter season’s frostiest nights.

Need a new furnace in Cleveland, TX, or surrounding areas? Contact us today! We’ll ensure your HVAC system is optimized for your family’s comfort.

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