Inventors Ernest Bryant and Ezra Smith patented a riveted-steel sheet metal coal furnace that was later manufactured by Dave Lennox in 1895. From there, furnaces have become a household staple, especially in colder months.

But furnace equipment isn’t like most appliances in your home; you can’t simply plug it in and then use it. A furnace installer requires specialized equipment and training to ensure the new furnace installation goes smoothly. Installing a new furnace incorrectly can lead to serious spikes in your utility bill and a furnace that doesn’t work optimally.

So, keep reading to find out what to expect during a new furnace installation.

Meet Up With Your Furnace Technician

Before the installation or even ordering of parts can start, you need to meet up with your furnace technician. Your technician will do a proper load calculation for your home to ensure your new furnace is powerful enough to heat your entire home. Your technician will also take a look at your vents to make sure the airflow is optimal.

Your gas lines and electrical wiring will also be inspected to ensure no repairs are needed.

Doing all this beforehand with your technician instead of just giving them the numbers and measurements yourself will ensure you get the right furnace for your needs.

Prepare Your Site

Before the technicians arrive to install your new furnace, you need to properly prepare the site to help speed up the process. This includes making sure there are no obstacles and that the site is clean. You also need to remove any combustible materials in the vicinity to keep everyone safe.

Let Them Do Their Job

Once you’ve cleared out the area, you simply need to let your technician do their job. They’ll bring any tools they need with them, so you can rest easy that your furnace installation will go down without a hitch.

Furnace installation will usually take a few hours, but it will depend on the size of your furnace. Your technician will be able to let you know how long you can expect your specific installation to take.

Inspect the Furnace Installation

Once everything is done and cleaned up, the technician will show you how to use your new furnace system. This is the time to ask any questions you might have regarding the furnace and system.

While the technicians are still on site, you can schedule your next maintenance inspection. You should aim for an inspection every year to ensure your furnace performs at its best.

New Furnace Installation Made Easy

Knowing what to expect during a new furnace installation will give you some peace of mind. Other than dealing with the new furnace installation cost, personally, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger. That’s the beauty of hiring someone to handle your new furnace installation for you.

If you have any questions regarding your furnace and reside in Burke, TX, please feel free to contact us today. At McWilliams & Son Heating, we make sure you never get left out in the cold.

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