Ceiling Fans Save Energy Every Season

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Most people know fans cost less than air conditioning. Exactly how much depends on factors unique to your system. However, estimates place air conditioners at 60 to 100 times the cost to operate compared to ceiling fans. The difference is huge.

Ceiling fans cut down your energy cost every season of the year. What follows is a breakdown of how you can realize the greatest savings during each season.

Spring & Autumn

You realize the greatest energy savings from fans in spring and autumn. Temperatures are warmer but not at their peak. By choosing to turn fans on and keep the AC off, you’ll enjoy the largest savings during these two seasons alone.

Remember, fans work with your body’s natural cooling system. As temperatures increase, your body evaporates water off your skin with the help of circulating air. It’s important to keep yourself under the fan. Even if you maintain multiple fans throughout the house, you’ll still see a significantly lower cost than if you run your air conditioning.


Summer is the hottest time, and most people run air conditioning exclusively. However, you can save up to 40% of your cooling cost with the help of fans. First of all, use fans at night. You can program modern thermostats to turn off the AC for you automatically. That makes it easier because you don’t have to develop a new daily habit.

Likewise, set your thermostat three to eight degrees higher than normal. Fans cool your body by the same amount, and you won’t need as much air conditioning. Furthermore, there is a conditioning effect on your body itself over time. As you grow accustomed to a slightly higher temperature, you find it easier to handle summer temperatures in general.


If used correctly, ceiling fans also save energy during winter too. At first, the idea seems counter-intuitive. After all, fans cool you down. How can they help to warm your house in winter?

When you heat your home, warm air naturally rises to the top of rooms. Fans work to move warm air trapped at the ceiling down to the rest of the room. However, you need to be careful to keep fans on the lowest speed or reverse the direction of spin. Otherwise, the excessive draft will cool you down and cause you to turn your heat up. A well-trained HVAC technician can help you determine the proper settings for your fans to realize an energy savings during winter.

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