You’ve noticed the humidity outside when you’re in Burke, Texas—the way the sweltering sun makes things feel 100 times hotter. There are moments when you feel like you can’t breathe due to the humidity. Humidity can be a driving factor in your mood and your overall health.

Have you ever taken the moment to think about the fact that humidity is also inside of your home and affects your mood and overall well-being too?

Your indoor air quality affects your overall health. This is why working to lower humidity and keep a secure indoor humidity level is an important part of the air quality inside your home. Keep reading for how to create the best type of air quality when you’re at home.

A Proper Ventilation System

One of the best ways to monitor indoor humidity is to have a new ventilation system installed. Your ventilation system is where the humidity in your home begins. If these are outdated or not up to code mold and bacteria can easily grow within your home.

A contractor can look at how long the vent system has been in your home and estimate when you should be replacing or cleaning it. Keep your home up to date and everyone inside healthy just by improving your indoor air quality and providing your home with a lower humidity level.

A New Air Conditioning System

An air conditioner is one of the most used aspects of a home. It is also one of the areas of your home that need to be inspected and cleaned the most often. Make sure that the air conditioner is up to date and ready to cool off your house in those difficult winter months.

Filters in your air conditioner should always be kept up to date and maintained. This will help the air to circulate and for it to be the right quality for you and those in your home to breathe in.

Be Aware of Excess Moisture

One of the best ways to watch out for and know when to do something about the humidity in your home is to watch out for moisture on the windows. Excess water is one indication that it is time to take matters into your own hands and contact a professional. Water vapor buildup
means that there may be a problem with your air conditioner or even your ventilation system.

One of the best ways to reduce and balance the humidity in your home is to watch out for this and to call a professional if the buildup is continuous.

Lower Humidity in Your Home Means Comfort

When you keep the humidity levels in your home between 30%-50% you see the change in your comfort levels and in your home. Lower Humidity means that you can be comfortable inside your house and with the health of your home and your person. Aim to keep an eye on those humidity levels and contact a professional should you need further assistance.

If you are in Burke, Texas, and you’re ready to discuss your cooling options within your home, it’s time you get in touch with us. At McWilliams & Son, we take your comfort to heart.

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